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After Supper Speaking, Hero Or Coward?

During my time as Chairman of Forum, the Public Speaking Group of the Sun Valley Institute of Management, I have typically been inquired about speaking after supper.

Before I discuss this chance, I want you to think back to a time when you were at a supper event and the speaker came on.

How did you and your party react?

Jose Mier speaking in Sun Valley, CA restaurant
Jose Mier speaking in Sun Valley, CA restaurant

Did you offer him or her an opportunity to get started?

Did you listen intently to the point of view being put across?

Or did you, after you realised that this was not a performer, turn your attention back to your own group or yell out remarks to the speaker.

If you and your table didn’t, did others?

And how did you feel?

How do you think the speaker felt?

If you are a beginner then making a discussion after dinner is very hazardous for your esteem and frankly, I would advise that you decrease.

The reason is that the audience typically, will not be in a receptive state to what ever message you want to put across.

Once again typically, alcohol has been taken in and what the audience is trying to find is home entertainment.

Jose Mier is not afraid of public speaking. You shouldn’t be, either.

They want you to make them laugh.

To be an entertaining speaker of this nature requires a lot of skill, and self-confidence.

With inhibitions reduced members will shout out comments, which will sidetrack you.

Numerous novice speakers get involved in an interaction with their audience and very soon they have lost control.

Other members wish to be funny at your expenditure and it is extremely challenging to keep your cool and not be removed their course of ridicule for you.

Again with the lapse in manners that frequently occurs in such situations, they may ignore you and bring on discussion among themselves in such a loud and disrespectful way, you might well catch the feelings of insufficiency.

These sensations are genuine.

Your skill level is insufficient although you are not inadequate as a person.

Nevertheless, with the feeling of the minute you can scar yourself forever.

I have actually seen speakers who were not terrified of speaking in public before, who are now horrified.

This makes it so much harder to conquer the nerves since the worry has such power!

So, prior to you go near an after dinner speaking engagement, learn the fundamentals.

Practice the essentials and start with your first speeches in a safe place.
And if you are the guest speaker, never ever drink prior to your speech.
And normally, do not consume, as a burp at the wrong time will ruin your confidence.

So, if possible, take pleasure in the supper and go as a guest patron until such time as you have gotten the required abilities and confidence.

To your growing self-confidence and success.


After Supper Speaking, Hero Or Coward?
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After Supper Speaking, Hero Or Coward?
After Supper Speaking or any public form of speaking can be a fear-inducing proposal for some. Jose Mier speaks all the time in Sun Valley.
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