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Consumer Electronics Items

As part of great L.A. and neighbor to Burbank and the motion picture production and post-production facilities that about, there are many consumer electronic items in use in Sun Valley. Jose Mier has an overview.


The day-to-day use of electronic equipments are called customer electronics and includes TV, telephone, DVD, CD, PC, laptop computer etc. These equipments are manufactured throughout the world. With the improvement in electronic engineering at a constant speed, a number of new variety electronics products flood into the market every year and the cost the existing products lowers constantly and it is among the biggest advantage of consumer electronic devices market.

Sun Valley, be aware of tossing out electronics

Electronic waste is among the issues connected with these electronic product and numerous producers are now planning to deal with these waste.


All electronic devices utilize semiconductors and without these semiconductors none of the electronic gadget is total. Semiconductor acts like an insulator at outright zero (-273 degree centigrade) and can be differentiated from conductor that at this temperature the outer filled electron energy band is completely filled out a semiconductor compare to the conductor in which the band is partially filled.

At space temperature level semiconductor show a very little electrical conductivity much lower than that of conductor.

consumer electronics motherboard jose mier
consumer electronics motherboard jose mier

Doping in semiconductor:

Most typical semiconductors used for electronic gadgets are silicon and germanium. Although some other conductors such as iridium phosphide, gallium arsenide and mercury cadmium telluride are also used.

A so-called “pure” semiconductor likewise known as an intrinsic semiconductor, when added to electron abundant element e.g. something such as arsenic or electron lacking component (for example boron in really small amount), its conductivity boosts and the result is a conductor known as an “extrinsic” conductor. My electron-rich arsenic as well as electron-lacking boron in silicon, we get as a result “p-type” (positive type)  and “n-type” (unfavorable type) semiconductor devices.

We may develop a p-n junction by doping various element in different area of semiconductor and the device is known as diode. Likewise we can develop p-n-p or n-p-n junctions and the device is referred to as triodes.

Electronic Devices

( a) Television:

It is a device by which we can receive moving images and sounds over a distance. The entire transmission and receiver systems need the following inputs.

1. Video camera for live images or flying spot scanner for transmission of films and sound source.

2. Transmitters for sending both images and sounds.

3. Receiver systems for getting these signals.

4. Show device, which is either CRT, Rear projection, LCD or plasma. To show the signal in the kinds of sounds and images.

( b) Telephone:

It is the device for interacting by which two persons can send out and get sound signals over a distance. The system needs the following inputs.

1. The telephone equipment, which converts sound signals to electrical signals and electrical signals to sound signals.

2. Central exchange from where the customers are interconnected.

3. Electrical wiring for linking all the customers.

( c) Calculators:

It is a device used for perform different mathematical computations. The input needed for calculator are as offered below.

1. Source of power (battery or photovoltaic panel).

2. Display device (LED or LCD).

3. Keypad consisting of all numbers and functions.

4. All electronic circuit gadgets.

Electronic Waste:.

These are the waste electronic devices and if appropriately made use of might be valuable secondary raw material source for numerous electronic equipments and if tossed out may act as toxic due to presence of various hazardous products consisting of lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic etc unrestrained burning of these materials might likewise cause environmental issues.

Electronic waste is often illegally sent to other countries for processing. Due to intricacy and troubles in recycling, e-waste will remain a concern for the coming days.

The day-to-day usage of electronic devices are understood as customer electronics and consists of TV, telephone, DVD, CD, PC, laptop computer etc. These devices are produced throughout the world. With the advancement in electronic engineering at a continuous rate, a number of brand-new variety electronic devices products flood into the market every year and the cost the existing items decreases continuously and it is one of the most significant advantage of consumer electronic devices market.

Show gadget, which is either CRT, Rear projection, LCD or plasma. To show the signal in the types of images and sounds.

Consumer Electronics Items
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Consumer Electronics Items
Consumer Electronics Items are in full use in and around Sun Valley. Jose Mier explores the use and resuse of these items.
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