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Jose Mier on March Rain

Flooding Imminent?    

Sun Valley residents know all too well that we’re subject to flooding in certain areas of our community when it rains. It isn’t quite as bad as it used to be thanks to the construction of reservoirs and flood control projects in Sun Valley in recent years. Still, we’re not completely out of the woods and my iPhone keeps teasing me with some bouts of rain in early March.

 I have been keeping an eye on the weather forecasts and it looks like we may receive some precipitation in the first two weeks of March. Whether it’s sufficient to cause flooding I can’t say. Regardless of the potential for floods, Sun Valley and the rest of Southern California really do need some more rain. December, January and February were relatively dry and drought conditions are still with us.

There were a couple days where we has some really significant rainfall. We need some more of those. The only downside is the heavier the rain, the more our flood-prone areas will be affected. It was only two years ago that significant flooding occurred here (as you can see in the embedded video).

Should it rain a lot more, take care to avoid those flood-prone areas of Sun Valley.