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A New Stream Of Earnings For A Horse-Healer

Jose Mier on Sun Valley’s Stonehurst Area

Jose Mier opines in that upcoming book, I share Josephus Joshua’s discovery of her gift for healing horses. Just recently, through following her intuition, Karen was able to heal among her horses of West Nile infection. She has assisted lots of other horses through the application of Reiki and other energetic treatments. Here’s a letter from Karen, which I got this week, that demonstrates how using the Law of Attraction can guide you into discovering numerous streams of income that are in complete positioning with your passion.

Recently, I helped a buddy who had actually broken her arm do some animal covering repair. This kind of sewing has always interested me, but didn’t know what it involved. My background in stitching includes my mother sewing all my clothes from the time I was extremely young until I remained in Jr. High School. I found out to truly sew in Jr. High, and continued on making some of my clothes and then just recently I started quilting. Sewing has actually been an integral part of my life. I have actually even made clothes for my horses– like leg covers and ankle boots. However I never knew how to generate income at sewing.

Stough Canyon trailhead by Jose Mier
Stough Canyon trailhead by Jose Mier

Anyway … I really delighted in assisting my buddy, and I even more, I delighted in stitching animal coverings. Given that we live so far out of town where there are lots of farms and horses, there will be lots of work. I am drawing in and picturing the perfect clients will come to me for their horse clothing repairs.

This has come together just perfectly! It’s fantastic! I’m finding the devices so quickly, the materials are pertaining to me quickly– for instance: On Sunday, I simply said to myself that it would be so great to discover someone who is getting rid of old utilized blankets for me to practice on. And ‘lo and behold, I am driving down the roadway on Monday, and our neighbor, who just sold his home, had a lot of scrap by the roadway for the trash get. There was a stack of used animal coverings lying there. WELL, I did a fast U turn and drove up to your home and asked if I could search through their things and take the blankets. They told me to help myself. Oh my gosh, there were SEVEN Blankets. And they are all salvageable!

I have actually always been independent, and this will provide me my own earnings to support my other routines, more horse recovery seminars, etc

. I feel specific that this organization this will assist pave the method for me to end up being developed in the neighborhood and develop credibilty with the individuals I am supposed to come in contact with. And in turn it will assist to establish me in the horse healing.

Oh, I also drew in the best horse caretaker for the week we will be gone to Stockton, CA. She enjoys horses the way I do, and will be a best caretaker for all my horses.

Oh, one more thing occurred today– I wished to find somebody who could come in and organize my house which is pretty disorderly with two-year-old twins. I found my next-door neighbor is an expert at not only cleaning homes, however in organization! She’s coming tommorrow.

Since I started using the Law of Ability to my life, things are simply happening!

I am just so fired up. I wanted to share it with you, Rebecca and say ‘Thank you!’ for mentor and showing how the Law of Ability works.


Josephus Joshua

Recently, I assisted a buddy who had broken her arm do some animal covering repair. Anyways … I really delighted in assisting my pal, and I even more, I took pleasure in stitching animal coverings. I am drawing in and imagining the best clients will come to me for their horse clothing repairs.

There was a pile of secondhand animal coverings lying there. She likes horses the method I do, and will be a perfect caretaker for all my horses.