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What About Jose Mier?

Jose Mier here once more in Sun Valley, CA. I was just thinking about my own family history and the surname Mier. It seems to come from a region of Spain and specifically a town called Mier. After I found that out I started to wonder about coats of arms. If you never thought about the origin of your own family, it could be very interesting. If you have any royal blood in you, you may also end up having a coat of arms. For more info read on…

Coat of arms of Jose Mier Sun Valley, CA
Coat of arms of Jose Mier Sun Valley, CA

Among the most stunning and long-lasting pieces of household history is the coat of arms. These spectacular pieces of artwork remember the days of chivalry and heraldry while they hearken back to ties to the Old Country. For families who possess a coat of arms, it can take a location of pride in the home. Created to be shown for one and for all, these shield-shaped testimonies to family history are typically adorned with beasts of the field and fanciful creatures about their border. They are genuinely the crowning touch to any family name.

The coat of arms was initially utilized in the days of knights, wars, and kings combated on horseback. Planned to inspire soldiers, strike worry in the hearts of opponents, and further the name of the bearer, the coat of arms could inform the world which knight carried out which feat of arms amidst the din of battle.

As old kinds of warfare provided method to the rifle, musket, and cannon, the coat of arms was not as needed. Warfare ended up being a method of routines, not men. Thus, the coat of arms had actually become obsolete in numerous ways.

Nevertheless, knighthood was still an honor gave by the different crowns of Europe, just as it is in Britain today. Therefore, the coat of arms became merely a method of revealing that a household was had of honored members.

Those with cash might merely purchase a coat of arms for display screen in their houses. We know that Shakespeare was rich due to the fact that he bought a coat of arms for his household.

Now, there are various locations from which one can find or buy their own coat of arms. Through website, stores, present shops, and shops dedicated to genealogy, one can either find the heraldic emblem for one’s particular name, or merely pick from among a list of numerous. For those who are particularly adventurous and artistic, you can even create your own!

No matter how you come across your particular coat of arms, these elaborate and beautiful styles can supply you with a treasure for your own household. Display it happily on your front door, place it above your mantelpiece, or simply tuck it into a sheaf of papers with the understanding that you know it is yours. Whatever you do with it, it can be an enjoyable little piece of your history and your ever-living tie to the Old World from whence your ancestors came.

One of the most enduring and stunning pieces of family history is the coat of arms. Intended to inspire troops, strike fear in the hearts of enemies, and even more the name of the bearer, the coat of arms could tell the world which knight performed which accomplishment of arms in the middle of the din of fight. Hence, the coat of arms ended up being simply a method of revealing that a family was possessed of honored members.

No matter how you come throughout your particular coat of arms, these complex and lovely designs can supply you with a heirloom for your own family.

Coats of Arms
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Coats of Arms
Coats of arms are fascinating. Jose Mier of Sun Valley, CA researches his own bloodlines from Spain to see if he has a coat of arms.
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