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La Tuna Canyon Thrill Ride

Jose Mier Discovers Mountain Biking

Jose Mier is always up for a thrill and just so happens that your closest thrill ride is right here in Sun Valley California. As you know I’ve written about the many hiking trails in our area and while hiking is fun and good exercise I would hardly classify it as thrilling. Not so with mountain biking.

I’m sure you’ve seen them on the hiking trails you’ve been on. Those guys and girls making their way up the same dirt and gravel paths that you are but doing it on a knobbly-tired bicycle built to overcome these sometimes treacherous mountain trails. These are mountain bikes and this is their element.

jose mier mountain biking sun valley ca
jose mier mountain biking sun valley ca

The thrill of mountain biking here in Sun Valley will take you to any of our local hiking trails but La Tuna Canyon trail is a great one. The thrill will come after the effort of making your way to the top of the trail. Then gravity becomes your friend as you hurtle along down the trail to the valley floor below.

I’m the first to admit that I’m not familiar with mountain biking except when I let these mountain bikers pass me on a hiking trail but I recently did some research on hiking trails in Sun Valley and found this mountain biking website. Featured prominently on the website is a video of one man’s speedy ride from the top of La Tuna Canyon Trail down to the street.
If Jose MIer biked, La Tuna near Sun Valley would be at the top of his list!

Mountain biking may not be something that most of us do on a regular basis, despite all the thrills involved. Dedicated bikers are going to have to invest quite a lot of money for a bikes sturdy enough to endure the jolts and bumps of our local Sun Valley trails. Some mountain bikes will run upwards of $5,000. That means you need to be serious about this sport–and many people obviously are.

If you are looking for a thrill in the Sun Valley area try La Tuna Canyon Trail. I can guarantee you the ride down is going to be much faster and much more thrilling in the ride up. Just wave at me on your way down.

La Tuna Canyon Thrill Ride
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La Tuna Canyon Thrill Ride
Jose Mier discovers the thrill of mountain biking on Sun Valley's many hiking trails. La Tuna Canyon is a swift ride down.
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