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Sun Valley Cost of Living is Low

According to the AreaVibes website, the cost of living in Sun Valley, CA is lower compared to Los Angeles and California in general.

While Sun Valley scores about the same in some areas, those in which costs were lower relative to other areas include housing and utilities.

For example, regarding housing, Los Angeles scores a 227 on the scale. California as a whole scores a 196 and Sun Valley comes in at only 177.

For utilities, Sun Valley ties with Los Angeles at 107 but both are below California as a whole which scores 118.

The lower costs of housing and utilities means Sun Valley is a good choice for those looking to break into the housing market for the first time and for lower income families who may not be able to afford housing in more affluent areas.

Upscale Homes are Also Part of Sun Valley

With that said, Sun Valley also boasts its own supply of luxury homes within or near the city’s boundaries and while the majority of Sun Valley residents fall into the working class category, there is the opportunity to find spectacular homes in our area. Luxury and anonymity are two aspects that make Sun Valley attractive compared to other traditional upscale areas in the Southland.