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Sun Valley Residents Dream of the Future

Your humble reporter, Jose Mier, is not the only one stick inside four walls for the foreseeable future. Just about every other Sun Valley resident is sharing this new burden.

For some, the past two weeks have passes without incident, but the longer our quarantine goes on the more we’re going to long for the days of freedom to go anywhere and do just about anything without being questioned as to our motives.

For me, faced with this virtual imprisonment, I start thinking about what I would like to do when all this COVID craziness has passed. Aside from going out to a nice restaurant and enjoying the luxury of being able to sit at a table and be waited on, I’d like to travel. It need not be far. Even a jaunt to Santa Barbara, though only a couple hours, would be so welcome. New sites. New air. Anything and any place would be heaven.

As I said I’m not alone. I reached out to other Sun Valley friends to get insight into what they would like to do.

Sharon Bronson, one neighbor, say she’s looking forward to being able to travel again, once flights to other countries become possible. “I would love to go to Paris again,” she said. “It’s so far away and it would make me forget about all the stuff that’s going on right now.”

Jesus Rivera, a Sun Valley welder has dreams closer to home. “I have family in Arizona. I want to hop in the car and just drive. It’s tough not to be able to see family during all this. At least we have Facetime.”

Still others like Harry Mitchell who deal in restaurant supplies just want business to get back to normal. “Things have just kind of stopped dead. Especially the restaurant business. For me, my dream is to be able to get back in the car and drive to my clients like I used to.”

We all have different dreams but in many ways they’re all similar. We want to forget about this “recent unpleasantness” get back to the way things were. Let’s hope for Sun Valley and the world that the world we return to is even better than before.