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Classes in Sun Valley Going Online

Jose Mier is a Sun Valley resident and chronicles the happenings in Sun Valley, CA.

As if we weren’t already aware, any school classes that would have taken place in a physical location in and around Sun Valley have either been cancelled or moved online. For most students, while it has taken some adjustment, the transition to online learning has been working well.

Sun Valley classes have gone online
Distance learning is the norm in Sun Valley

Valley Christian School which is located on Village Ave. in Sun Valley has been anticipating a return to classes for some time, but a look at their website shows the return date has been pushed back multiple times now and it is uncertain if physical classrooms will reopen during the current semester.

Other Los Angeles area schools like LA Trade Tech have also moved classes online, however, for hands-on classes like welding, fashion or sign graphics, the move to distance learning had left the students in these areas out of luck. There is no good online substitute for the hands-on training these types of classes require.

The last I heard, for LATTC at least, is that the campus will not reopen during this semester and perhaps not for the summer session either. We all have to take a wait and see approach.

On another note, there are some classes (non-academic) that have always been offered online, making it simple for those who wish to learn. One such class in Sun Valley is the Stop Shoplifting and Theft class. These are offered to people who have a requirement (either for their business or as an order of a court) to enroll and take such a class. For business owners wishing to prevent theft or shoplifting the course goes into detail regarding the various aspects of theft. A certificate of completion is awarded when the self-paced class is complete.

Because of the stay at home orders we are under, now may be the perfect opportunity to enroll in an online class to learn a new skill which may be useful once our state reopens and businesses and employees get back to work. Until that happens it looks like most of our lives are going to be lived out online.