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COVID Cases Down. When Will Gyms Reopen?

Jose Mier Shares Others’ Frustrations

This is just the opinion of your humble servant Jose Mier, but it looks like we’re out of the woods as far as the coronavirus is concerned. Infection rates are way down compared to June and July and the number of new deaths is also very low. Given that San Francisco has started to reopen gyms with limited capacity as well as hair salons isn’t it time that Los Angeles County which includes Sun Valley allow our gyms to reopen?

LA County Public Health Twitter Page Screen Shot by Jose Mier
LA County Public Health Twitter Page Screen Shot by Jose Mier

I usually just enter the search “coronavirus stats” into Google the first thing that pops up is a graph showing new cases. As you can see we’re well past the peak infection rate and it looks like things are dropping day after day. We’ve been forced to eat outside and even while doing this it hasn’t caused an uptick in new coronavirus cases.

The LA County public health department also posts coronavirus updates on their twitter page. If I can quote the comments of one Twitter user:

Since we have not and aren’t even close to overwhelming our healthcare system, why is everything still closed? Case positivity rate below 8% for 2 weeks and 5% for more than 1. What gives?

I agree. As I said in San Francisco is allowing some businesses to reopen I think it’s well past time the LA County reopens its businesses as well. The original goal of the shutdowns was to flatten the curve of the coronavirus. We’ve done more than that: we’ve reduced it. And our healthcare facilities are far from being overwhelmed. To be honest I haven’t lifted the weight or done much exercise since the second phase of shutdowns in July and quite frankly it’s having a deleterious effect both on my body and my mind. As you know I complained about this in an earlier post on this Jose Mier website. Personally I need the incentive of a gym membership to get me out of the house and to do the exercise that I need. It would also seen that reopening gyms would have a positive effect on the coronavirus rather than the negative one. The better shape we are in, the better our immune system is and the better able it will be to fend off any illnesses. Even going for a walk, which I do from time to time, was curtailed because we’re in the midst of the fire season and the air in Sun Valley did not permit me taking a walk. I’d much rather be in the gym with its filtered, climate controlled atmosphere.

Many of us in Sun Valley don’t have the money to construct a home gym and the gym membership is a cost-effective way to keep in shape. I don’t know who is responsible for the continued closure of LA County gyms but whoever it is, I beg of you to let us work out once again

COVID Cases Down. When Will Gyms Reopen?
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COVID Cases Down. When Will Gyms Reopen?
Jose Mier asks why Sun Valley, CA gyms can't reopen given that San Francisco gyms have started to do so.
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