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COVID Cases Down. When Will Gyms Reopen?

Jose Mier Shares Others’ Frustrations This is just the opinion of your humble servant Jose Mier, but it looks like we’re out of the woods as far as the coronavirus is concerned. Infection rates are way down compared to June and July and the number of new deaths is also very low. Given that San […]

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Sun Valley Gyms to Reopen

Jose Mier reports news of interest to the Sun Valley, CA community. The State of California just released some guidelines for the reopening of certain types of businesses which included gyms. If you remember from my earlier Jose Mier post of last month I urged Sun Valley gyms to reopen. It’s taken almost an entire […]

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Jose Mier Urges Sun Valley Gym Reopening

Gyms in Sun Valley Remain Shuttered Jose Mier here with yet another take on how the coronavirus shutdown is impacting Sun Valley. I wrote recently about hair salons being closed and the domino effect it has on our economy but there’s another aspect to the shutdown that people talk about and that’s gyms. One of […]