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Sun Valley California residents know all too well that improvements to Interstate 5 have been ongoing for the past few years and are not scheduled for completion for another few years. All it takes is a quick trip on Interstate 5 to see the work that is currently being done. Things change on a daily basis, on and off ramps may be closed for construction or lanes may be reduced for overnight or weekend work. Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew ahead of time about these closures? newsletter in Jose Mier's inbox newsletter with Sun Valley info in Jose Mier’s inbox

Well, guess what? You can. Caltrans has a website dedicated entirely to the improvements on Interstate 5 called Ours is not the only area that is witnessing construction on this freeway and the website lists all areas of construction in Southern California. However, we in Sun Valley are interested in only the areas that affect us and it’s easy to find the information you’re looking for, for example ongoing work on Burbank Boulevard.

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Get In The Know With My5LA
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Get In The Know With My5LA
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