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Gol Soccer Complex: Sun Valley’s FIFA Connection

Getting Some Kicks With Jose Mier

If you know anything about Latinos you know we love our soccer—or should I say “futbol?”  With a large Latino population in Sun Valley (including your own Jose Mier) you can imaging that there would be areas devoted to this popular sport. And there is! The Gol Soccer Complex is dedicated to futbol: playing, learning and enjoying.

Gol Soccer Complex Sun Valley CA
Gol Soccer Complex Sun Valley CA: where Jose MIer learned to play

This huge sporting complex sits on several green acres of land on the western edge of Sun Valley bordering North Hollywood. It is comprised of 6 soccer fields but it’s more than just about the game. Their 2400 square foot clubhouse is available for parties, reunions, classes and just about anything you can think of. They also have fourteen 500 square foot tents to accommodate birthday parties.

Jose Mier enjoys soccer in Sun Valley at Gol

For those who love the game and want to share it with their kids the youth leagues that play here are a great way to hand the game from one generation to the next.

The complex is located at 11501 Strathern St, North Hollywood, CA 91605 but I consider it one more Sun Valley park and like Fernangeles Recreation Center it’s another open space for our residents to come to an enjoy. Just one more reason that makes our Sun Valley a wonderful place to live. And play!

Gol Soccer Complex: Sun Valley’s FIFA Connection
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Gol Soccer Complex: Sun Valley’s FIFA Connection
Jose MIer talks about Sun Valley's Gol Soccer Complex
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