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SoCal Fires Affecting Sun Valley Air Quality

As If Jose Mier Didn’t Have Enough to Worry About

Okay Sun Valley people, here’s what we’re facing right now: a terrible heat wave that’s been going on for weeks and shows no signs of stopping. Temperatures are in the high 90s and even over 100 sometimes. Also, we’re in the middle of month seven of the gift that keeps on giving, the coronavirus. We can’t eat indoors. Can’t go to church indoors. Can’t go to the gym. To top it off the Lake Fire is burning a few miles to our north and that’s affecting the air quality. So, to recap, we can’t go out and if we do we will either melt or asphyxiate.

Sun Valley very unhealthy air quality
Jose Mier: we rarely see “very unhealthy” in Sun Valley

All humor aside, the recent fires in Southern California (including near Corona and Azusa) are making the air very unhealthy. Just because we’re in Sun Valley and several miles from where the fires are burning doesn’t mean we’re not affected. Particulates travel great distances and they’ve found their way into our city (and our lungs if we’re not careful).

I occasionally check the Sun Valley air quality—just because it’s one more aspect of life here—and I’ve not seen very unhealthy air for quite some time, but that’s what we have now. What does this mean for us? It means taking one more set of precautions when venturing away from our homes. Just like hotter weather it’s the elderly that are most at risk along with those that have some preexisting respiratory condition like asthma. If you live in Sun Valley and fall into one of those groups, be extra careful outdoors. Even if you’re not in a high risk group, today’s poor air quality can still affect you.

I, Jose Mier, just had the opportunity to drive over the Grapevine and through much of the area affected by the Lake Fire and for many miles the sky was particularly hazy. In fact, I would say that the fire-caused haze affected the air and visibility for well over 200 miles. If I can see it in the air you know it’s not going to be good for your lungs.

So, it’s one more negative thing we have to deal with currently. I’m merely taking the opportunity to remind Sun Valleyites to take special care while we make our way through this latest travail. Here’s to cooler weather soon. And how about some rain, too?

SoCal Fires Affecting Sun Valley Air Quality
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SoCal Fires Affecting Sun Valley Air Quality
Jose Mier laments the very unhealthy air quality in Sun Valley, CA, the result of many Southern California wildfires.
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