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Hiking in Extreme Sun Valley Heat

Jose Mier Discourages Neighbors

If you’re a frequent visitor to the Jose Mier website, you’ve read my earlier articles on the number of hiking trails we have in our area. Yes, we have an abundance of Outdoor hiking trails dinner great form of exercise. However, hiking, especially in extreme heat is a dangerous exercise.

Jose Mier on Sun Valley Trail
Jose Mier on Sun Valley Trail

We only have to look at recent headlines for proof of this. A man in his 60s set for heat exhaustion and died while hiking in the Malibu Hills a few days ago. You can read more about this unfortunate event on the NBC website. But this should serve as a warning to everyone especially that we are going through some of the hottest temperatures on record in southern California.

Experts will tell you to bring sufficient water if you’re hiking on hot days. In my opinion, however, it’s just too great of a risk no matter how much water you take with you. Some hikes can last for hours and we may need a couple gallons of water. Imagine lugging around to 1 gallon milk jugs as you make your way up Winding trails and steep hills. Most people aren’t going to do that and they probably don’t bring sufficient water period

My preference is to go to the gym to workout but barring that hiking it’s great exercise. But I would rather not exercise at all, except to exercise caution, and hold off on hiking until the hot weather subsides. It just makes sense. And yet, there are still those of us who feel compelled to go out and hike on even the hottest days. Also, the older you get the more you are affected by the sun and dehydration and your needs for water or greater.

It would seem to be commonsense not to exert oneself during extreme temperatures, but in some cases there is no accounting for a person’s judgment. And the sad part is this person is gone from vital member of society to another sad statistic.

Hiking in Extreme Sun Valley Heat
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Hiking in Extreme Sun Valley Heat
Jose Mier discourages Sun Valley residents from hiking during the extreme heat in our area. He cites the case of a hiker who recently died in Malibu when he ran out of water.
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