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Jose Mier Did Not Melt

Survived Hottest SoCal Temperatures on Record

Jose Mier reporting from Sun Valley California. Well, despite the record breaking temperatures of this past weekend I am still here. I had the opportunity to drive on a few errands this weekend and on Saturday as I was parking my car in the garage I noticed the temperature read 111 degrees.

Jose Mier's cool drink in Sun Valley, CA
Jose Mier’s cool drink in Sun Valley, CA

The only time I ventured out on Sunday was to grill a few steaks on the barbecue in the evening. It was still about 109 degrees. I’ve read in some news reports that our sister city of Woodland Hills corded the highest temperature on record of 121 degrees. Anecdotally, I have never seen temperatures this high and all the decades I’ve lived In Sun Valley.

Another thing that we can be thankful for is that despite the high temperatures there were no Power outages for blackouts, rolling or otherwise. In the past I have run the air conditioning at temperatures below 73 but I found even in hundred and 112 degree weather that 78 more than sufficed.

So for all those who were wondering what happened to Jose Mier during our extraordinary heat event fear not. I am still here.

Jose Mier Did Not Melt
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Jose Mier Did Not Melt
Jose Mier assures Sun Valley neighbors that he survived the record-breaking teperatures over the past weekend. Temperatures hit 111 and higher.
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