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Jose Mier’s Fire Warning

Sun Valley Temps Increasing

Jose Mier with what may sound like a Sun Valley broken record, but we’re set for some higher temperatures in the near future. Driving back through the Inland Empire on Easter Sunday from a family visit I was witness to a fire in the mountains near Rancho Cucamonga. That day the temperatures were fairly high–in 80s or 90s. Whether or not the higher temperatures played a role in this fire it is unclear. What is clear is that it doesn’t look like we have any more rain on the way which means our hillsides are starting to turn brown and dry up. I say this over and over again but we in Sun Valley need to be very careful to avoid tires especially in our Verdugo foothills.

If you’re one of our residents that lives in those foothills it’s a good time now before temperatures get scorching to cut back any foliage away from your house or other buildings. Let’s make this Summer the fire free summer in Sun Valley.