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Kids Activities in Sun Valley with Jose Mier

Walk at the Theodore Payne Foundation

Jose Mier is a Sun Valley enthusiast I’m recommends a lot of stuff available to visitors and residents of Sun Valley California alike.  One of the questions I get asked a lot is what is there to do  kids In or around Sun Valley. Well, we do have our share of parks and recreation centers but for something that parents as well as kids will enjoy I recommend Theodore Payne foundation.

YouTube screenshot Theodore Payne website Sun Valley, CA
YouTube screenshot Theodore Payne website Sun Valley, CA

If you’re not familiar with Theodore Payne for the foundation that bears his name, he was running early 20th-century proponent of native California plants. The foundation which is located here in Sun Valley– Right in the foothills–carries on his work. The place where you can learn about native California plants through classes and demonstrations and you can buy seeds and plants from the nursery at foundation.

The whole point of using native California plants is that they are meant to exist in this area  and are better suited therefore for our climate. One positive thing is that they are more drought tolerant than the other plant species that has been imported from outside of Southern California so that use less water which is more and more important as we continue the Experience severe drought in the state.

If that’s of interest to you then visiting the foundation would be worth it for this is alone. However, if you just want something fun and relaxing to do are yourself or with your kids, going to the theater paying foundation is it’s a beautiful area, their hiking paths they go through the foundation and up in the foothills. You will also be surrounded by Beautiful native Southern California plants.

It’s a place where families can just go hangout and as parents take their leisurely time admiring the foliage, excited and energetic children can expand their energy by running up and down the paths as they wait for their parents to catch up.

Unfortunately, not many people know about the foundation so I want to promoted and suggested say place you can take anyone from  small children to senior citizens. Everybody will get something out of a trip to foundation and it’s something that we in Sun Valley California can be proud of.

The foundation has a website which I feature on my Jose Mier YouTube channel so you can check that out or go directly to the website itself. You’ll find directions and Hours of operation on the website. The Theodore Payne foundation is located on Tuxford Street in the Verdugo foothills. That’s just north of downtown Sun Valley and it’s easily accessible from Glen Oaks Boulevard. Best of all, and something I forgot to mention, admission is free.

Kids Activities in Sun Valley with Jose Mier
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Kids Activities in Sun Valley with Jose Mier
Jose Mier points out activities in SUn Valley, CA that parents can do with kids. Our hidden gem is the Theodore Payne Foundation.
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