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Jose Mier is not the only proponent of Sun Valley, California. There are others who live here in enjoy Life in our community. When I was doing another recent search to find things of interest that would help me promote sun Valley I did a search on Google. Now for anybody who’s done an online search recently you know that Google has section called people also ask. This may give suggestions to somebody who is doing research on a certain subject and it may lead you, as it did me, to some new question or subject that you hadn’t thought of before.

In my case the question popped up was, is Sun Valley a good place to live? Well I followed the link which lead me to a site called I found several reviews bye a number of my Sun Valley neighbors. For the most part the reviews are positive and people who live here  genuinely Love our community, as do I. Of course there were some who Complained about certain areas of the city not looking as spectacular as they could, but the reality is any city is going to have both good and bad areas. As a big Sun Valley proponent I combine the good and the bad can I still come out with the results of Sun Valley is one of the most unique places to live in the greater Los Angeles area.

Jose Mier video screenshot of Sun Valley reviews
Jose Mier video screenshot of Sun Valley reviews

However I am just one voice in the desert and those looking for information on Sun Valley need not just take my word for it. Of course I’m going to suggest living here is a good idea, but there’re others who live here who have also given their opinion. The Site like you can find more unbiased reviews about our community.

I am continually in awe  of all the things that we have available online when doing research about a certain area. Now in a matter of minutes or seconds we can see all day houses available in a certain community, what the crime rate is, how many schools are in a specific area and how they are rated. We have a wealth of information her fingertips and it’s very easy to scope out the area before you ever set foot in it. is Just one more tool in everyone’s arsenal when they are investigating Citi with an eye on relocating there. Hey, with Google’s Street view you can even take a virtual tour of the city from anywhere else in the world, provided that you have an Internet connection. So for all of those who are considering moving to Southern California in the greater Los Angeles area, or relocating from some other part of Southern California, used tools such as and my own blog here when making your decision on where you would like to live. You know that José Mier is always going to say Sun Valley California is the best.

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Sun Valley on
Sun Valley is a great place according to Jose Mier, but you need not take his word for it. Check out for unbiased reviews of any community including Sun Valley.
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