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Signs of Reopening Near Sun Valley

Jose Mier with some good news in the midst of our current troubles.

It’s been two months now and we’re all still sheltering in place in Sun Valley, venturing out only to scrounge for toilet paper, flour and yeast—all of which are usually in short supply. We’ve been waiting with baited breath for our community and indeed the entire state to reopen so we can get back to work.

Sun Valley Residents Can Now Golf

One sign that we are starting to return to almost normal is the announcement that the DeBell golf course in Burbank, our neighboring city to the southeast is reopening as of May 8! Details arrived in an email blast from DeBell yesterday, detailing how the course will be reopened. There will be some provisions for social distancing and keeping safe but both the 18-hole course and the par-3 course will be open for business as of May 8.
Golf pro Scott talks about DeBell

DeBell did note that the driving range will open on May 11 so there will be a few days’ delay for anyone wanting to go hit some balls and sharpen conoravirus-rusty golf skills.

According to DeBell, golfers will be required to wear masks while on the property and maintain a 6-foot distance from others. They will require golfers to leave immediately after finishing their games.

Around the property drinking fountains will NOT be available so they ask golfer to brink their own water. Also, the restrooms on the course will be sanitized every 2 hours. The times between when groups are allowed to follow others are going to be lengthened and they’re limiting the size of groups to 4 or less.

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They say that they will not accept in-person reservations and that all reservations must be made by phone or online and no cash is being accepted.

Despite the precautions the reopening of DeBell golf course is a welcome sign that our Sun Valley area is finally starting to reopen. If we can take precautions in this area it stands to reason that other businesses (especially restaurants) should be able to reopen too.

Jose Mier suggest Reopening More Venues

Sun Valley residents, like their counterparts across the country, have become adept at taking precautions and know how to keep themselves safe. If we are allowed to shop at grocery stores, it seems like dining out would not be an all too different or dangerous activity. Other states are doing this already. Let’s start here in California.