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SoCal Fires Continue to Burn

Will Sun Valley Air Be Affected By Santa Ana Winds?

As you know the nearby Bobcat fire continues to burn, aided by dry, drought conditions and the fact that the fire is in mountainous, inaccessible areas. But this fire is not the only fire that continues to burn and plague Southern California. The El Dorado fire is still burning in the sand Gorgonio mountains.

This fire became notorious because of its cause: started by an incendiary device which was used to celebrate at a gender reveal party. If I wanted to be flippant I could say that we should ban any more gender reveal parties, but let’s leave it at tha.

The El Dorado fire continues to burn, and like the Bobcat fire it’s difficult to reach many areas because they are in fact’ mountainous areas. This weeks lower temperatures and higher humidity may aid in firefighting but as Inciweb reports it’s not likely to help very much and weak Santa Ana winds are expected later in the week. Santa Ana winds usually below east to west which means there’s a slight chance that the smoke from this fire as well as the Bobcat fire will be pushed closer to Sun Valley.

The forecast is for northeasterly winds so there is a chance the smoke will be blown well clear of Sun Valley. Still, it would be wise to be cautious when going outside in Sun Valley over the coming days. Check your favorite weather website as well as those which display air quality indexes.

The fire is expected to continue burning for some weeks.

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SoCal Fires Continue to Burn
Jose Mier reports on the El Dorado fire. Santa Ana winds may blow smoke from this fire as well as the Bobcat fire toward Sun Valley, CA.
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