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Farmer’s Almanac and Sun Valley Weather

Jose Mier: No Need to Rush Out to Buy a Copy

Well, we are approaching the midpoint of October and yours truly is sitting here with the air conditioning running. In fact, the Sun Valley California forecast as for mid 90s for the next few days. I’m sitting here bemused with my copy of the Farmer’s Almanac wondering which door I should use it to prop open because as a reference tool it does not seem to be worth its salt.

If you read my earlier post you know I quoted the almanac and it’s 2020 Winter forecast. Unless it starts pouring next I think the almanac is way off base. Call for cool in wet weather beginning with periods of rain right about now and I don’t see any signs that that’s going to happen.

Yes, my earlier blog post was a bit tongue-in-cheek and I didn’t really expect wet weather but one can always hope. We in Sun Valley are sorely in need of rain, especially in light of the recent fires and as I gaze at the Sun Valley hillsides the thought always crosses my mind that it’s only a matter of time before something sets them off again. A bout of rain would ease my mind somewhat in this regard.

As I said, I’m going to see which door are in my office needs a doorstop and put the  farmer’s almanac to better use.

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Farmer’s Almanac and Sun Valley Weather
Jose Mier shares his disappointment with the Farmer's Almanac weather prediction. Sun Valley was supposed to experience rain today, but it's again hot and dry
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