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When Will Sun Valley Schools Reopen?

No Link Found Between Reopen and COVID Resurgence

Sun Valley schools remain closed to in person learning, however 32 of California’s 58 Counties have allowed schools to reopen into recent study shows that there is no link between reopening of K–12 classrooms in an increase in coronavirus infections.

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Jose Mier asks: How much longer for Sun Valley, CA?

Of course Los Angeles County Schools remain closed interest is learning is the order of the day. Given that children are much less likely to contract the coronavirus and in light of this new study it makes us in Sun Valley ask the question, may we reopen?

I’ve talked about this several times before but the impact on children and parents has been substantial and can’t be sustained indefinitely. Parents who were fortunate enough to have jobs cannot both work and educate their children at the same time. Children who do not have to go to school physically have a harder time learning and paying attention during online class time or when the parent is homeschooling them. They are also prevented from interacting with others in their same age group and developing the social skills that come with in-person learning.

Jose Mier recommends Sun Valley schools reopen now.

Sun Valley is not alone in this situation: we are one of many localities within Los Angeles County that are suffering because of restrictions on learning in a classroom environment. I feel that given the results of this latest study and the fact that coronavirus infections have leveled off in recent weeks is proof that the county should begin reopening our schools and leading our children learn alongside their friends.

The economic and psychological impact of all this has yet to be determined but our parents and our children are struggling and it will only get worse each day schools remain closed. It’s time for our government to exercise leadership and reopen the schools to give our working parents the opportunity to continue to provide food and shelter for their children. I don’t know how much longer we can take more of the same.

When Will Sun Valley Schools Reopen?
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When Will Sun Valley Schools Reopen?
Jose Mier is at the forefront of the movement to reopen Sun Valley schools. The economic and psychological impact on parents and kids is enormous.
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