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Sun Valley Transportation Options

Take a Ride on Metrolink with Jose Mier

I’ve always said that Sun Valley California is a great place to live and one of the reasons is we have a lot of public transportation options. One of those is the Metrolink. We’re lucky because we have our own Metrolink stop right here in Sun Valley.

metrolink train in Sun Valley, CA
metrolink train in Sun Valley, CA

We are centrally located to all of Southern California in the Metrolink makes getting around even easier. Unfortunately Southern California and Los Angeles have to deal with their share of traffic which, if you’re like me, causes no end to the frustration felt. Solution? Metrolink.

Almost every area served by Metrolink will start or end at Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles. For us in Sun Valley, it’s Burbank, Glendale and then Union Station. But if we want to go to other areas, no problem. On our line, the green line we can take Metrolink north to Lancaster. If we take a short hop to Union Station, from there we can get east as far as San Bernardino, Riverside or South through Orange County all the way down to Oceanside. The Ventura county line goes all the way west to Oxnard. So you can see from Sun Valley we can navigate most of Southern California without getting behind the wheel of an automobile.

Metrolink route map
Metrolink route map used by Jose Mier from Sun Valley

It’s just one more thing in a long list of items that I want to promote that makes Sun Valley and extremely attractive place to live for a variety of reasons. The next time you’re thinking of taking a trip somewhere, thank metro line and thanks Sun Valley


Sun Valley Transportation Options
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Sun Valley Transportation Options
Jose MIer takes a ride from Sun Valley, CA to Union Station in downtown Los Angeles. Trains will also take you as far as Oxnard and San Bernardino.
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