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Wet Winter? Could I Have Been Too Hasty?

Jose Mier Mulls His Farmer’s Almanac Assessment

Let me be clear, this isn’t really a retraction, rather I’m putting things on hold. Originally in the Jose Mier Farmer’s Almanac post of October 7, I reiterated the Almanac’s prediction of a cold and wet winter for Sun Valley. Later, due to the jumping temperatures reaching almost triple digits, I dismissed the Almanac’s prediction. Now, however taking a look at the extended forecast for Sun Valley I see some rain on the horizon.

The rain is scheduled to arrive about 10 days later than the Almanac predicted. Regardless, any precipitation will be a welcome change following the months of sweltering heat and drought, not to mention fires could have beset Southern California. Even though the rain is not going to amount to much, even a little moisture is going to help put an end to any smoldering fires in the area and should result in better air quality for the Sun Valley area.

Jose Mier screenshot of Sun Valley weather forecast
Jose Mier screenshot of Sun Valley weather forecast

I guess the upshot of all this is that I should hold my tongue, or rather my keyboard. I  may have been a bit too hasty in dismissing the Almanac’s predictions out of hand. Deep down I still don’t really believe that our winter weather is going to be cold and wet but I’m willing to hold off and take a wait-and-see attitude. I’ve never been a reader or devotee of The Farmer’s Almanac but on the off chance that their predictions come true I may just become a staunch supporter.

Whether or not we experience greater precipitation levels in the coming months I’m gratified to see a change in the weather, cooler temperatures and even some moisture heading our way.

Wet Winter? Could I Have Been Too Hasty?
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Wet Winter? Could I Have Been Too Hasty?
In light of Sun Valley rain forecast, Jose Mier rethinks his assessment of the Farmers Almanac prediction for a wet winter.
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