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Sun Valley Alternatives to Gym Workouts

Jose Mier Goes Hiking (Again)

As you know our Sun Valley gyms are once again closed. I’ve been recently promulgating how close hiking trails are to Sun Valley. If you’re a SV resident, a drive to one of the Verdugo trails is just as close as a drive to your gym.

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Join Jose Mier hiking Sun Valley trails

If you, like me, want (and need) to stay in shape the easiest alternative to a workout at the fitness center is to go walking. Granted walking on flat terrain is good but doesn’t provide as intense a workout as walking uphill or over rocky ground. Both of those will stress more muscles and to a greater extent than just flat walks.

We are very lucky to have the Verdugo foothills so close to us. I’ve profiled La Tuna Canyon, Stough and Wildwood Canyons in earlier posts and each one is only 10 minutes away.

The benefits of hiking are many and you can find a list on this website.

We don’t know how long our gyms will be closed again so to maintain good health during this latest shutdown, I recommend you get out of the house (or office) and take advantage of our hiking trails. You just might see me, Jose Mier, out on the path with you!

Sun Valley Alternatives to Gym Workouts
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Sun Valley Alternatives to Gym Workouts
Jose Mier recommends hiking Sun Valley trails as an alternative to gyms which are closed.
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