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Sun Valley ATMs for Economic Impact Payments

Jose Mier Opines on the Folly of Debit Cards

If you’re like many of us in Sun Valley and you’ve received your so-called economic impact payment card in the mail. Instead of a check, the government has thought it wise and or convenient to issue your stimulus money in the form of a credit card. I’m not sure why they’re doing this since the process of trying to access your funds still seems to be fraught with the possibility of fraud. Here’s my experience:

I received my EIP card in the mail. I had to call a number to activate this card. That wasn’t too difficult but then I thought I could simply go to my bank and transfer the money to my bank account. Not so. The manager at my bank told me that I am not able to do that in a bank branch, nor should I use the bank’s ATM machine since it’s not on the network approved by the government and it would cost me an extra $3.

I now have to either go online to the EIP card website and give them my bank account in order for the funds to be transferred to my account, however that same bank manager warned me not to do it this way because there might be fraud or the potential for fraud. The other thing I can do is find an ATM on the government’s list which does not have a fee involved and take the money out of my card that way.

Remember 2020 when we received the check from the government and could just deposit into our bank account? It was much simpler in those days. Now in their infinite wisdom the government in 2021 is issuing our stimulus payments in the form of plastic. So for all those in Sun Valley who need to get their money in ATM I’m including a link to the EIP card website and specifically their ATM finder Page. Good luck. Wish me the same.