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Sun Valley Drought Down Almost 10%

A recent check of Claifornia’s drought conditions reveals that this past week with even more rain coming to the Southland (including Sun Valley) the callsification of drought areas has decreased.

For the last week of March the areas included in the “abnormally dry” conditions totalled 75 percent of California. That included the areas of Los Angeles County in which Sun Valley resides.

As of April 7 the percentage of abnormally dry areas decreased to 67 percent—an 8 percent drop in total area. A map on the website shows the dry areas have receded and Sun Valley is now on the edge between dry and “normal.”

As I predicted, the rains did have an effect on the drought regions here in SoCal. It looks like the next week will be dry and even getting up into the high 70s midweek. The sunnier weather should serve to sry things out and strengthen the root systems of plants especially on our Sun Valley foothills which should prevent the possibility of mudslides in the future.

There is always the chance that excessive rainfall will contribute to mud or landslides but our rainfall was on the lighter side and sporadic so the ground did not have a chance to become saturated.

As of now, it’s the southern part of California that is in the “no drought” area. Areas to the north of Los Angeles County are still in abnormally dry or moderate drought conditions.