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Upcoming Events in Sun Valley

Many events in Sun Valley have been cancelled or postponed due to the coronavirus shutdown. It is unknown as yet when we will be reopening things and getting back to “normal” so it always pays to check if you have a scheduled event to see whether it is still going to occur.

Regardless, there are still many events on the books for Sun Valley. We’re an interesting community and the things we like to do run the gamut from faith-based activities to automobile auctions to gardening and more. Below is just a partial list of upcoming events in the Sun Valley, CA area.

May 2, Hypertufa Container Workshop with Steve Gerischer in Sun Valley at the Theodore Payne Foundation

May 3, Easter Egg Hunt at the Leslie Figge Stables and Los Angeles Children’s Riding Center

May 10, Predicación Día de La Madre at la Iglesia Guerreros de Cristo Sun Valley

May 13, Sun Valley CoPart Salvage Auto Auction School at CoPart Sun Valley Wholesale Auto Auction

May 23, Three-Part California Native Garden Design with Steve Gerischer at the Theodore Payne Foundation

Jun 6 Right Plant, Right Place with Lili Singer  at the Theodore Payne Foundation

We all hope that the shutdown will have been lifted by the time these events take place but with everything you should check with the organizers to make sure an event has not been cancelled or postponed.