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Sun Valley’s Jose Mier With My5LA Update

CalTrans Work on Sun Valley Freeways Continues

As you’ve no doubt read in earlier Jose Mier articles on these pages we are in the midst of freeway construction through the Sun Valley corridor. While much is been accomplished it’s obvious to anyone that there’s still work to be done and part of that work is taking place near the border of Burbank and Sun Valley.

my5la sun valley jose mier image
my5la sun valley jose mier image

Sun Valley has many different ways of accessing the freeways that surround our community in one of these is the on/off-ramps to interstate 5 at Buena Vista Street. You may have noticed, especially during the evening and nighttime hours, that’s some lanes were blocked off near the on ramp. According to my5 several of interstate 5’s on-ramps are subject to closure intermittently. If you take a drive southbound from Sun Valley on interstate 5 you can see the work progressing on the freeway. It’s obvious that Burbank Boulevard still lacks a bridge and this is something that won’t be completed for at least another year.

Crews are also laying pavement in several areas including near the Burbank Boulevard off-ramp. Although it is not yet functional, a new carpool lane has been added to both the southbound and northbound lanes of interstate 5. I do notice that the painted white lines for the carpool lane have been put down which makes me ask the question, is the current pavement on this freeway going to remain in place or will it be replaced? I ask this because this stretch of interstate 5 still remains in bad shape and is one of the worst parts of this freeway in the entire state. If the state is spending so much money to improve the freeway I would assume they would replace this very bad pavement with new pavement which should last for several years.

Another concern I have about interstate 5, especially when nearing Alameda Avenue, is that the lines for each lane are very difficult to see especially at certain times of the day. For drivers who are not familiar with this stretch of roadway there is the potential for accidents if those drivers can’t tell what lane they’re in.

All this is just the musings concerned Sun Valley resident. I have no control over what the state does but I can at least ask questions. It’s convenient that does post some information about the work being done but in some cases, like the pavement, there are many unanswered questions.

Sun Valley’s Jose Mier With My5LA Update
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Sun Valley’s Jose Mier With My5LA Update
Jose Mier reports on the current state of Sun Valley, CA freeway construction on interstate 5. Much work and many questions remain.
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