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Air Quality Dropping in Sun Valley

Haze Affecting Jose Mier and Other Residents

As you know we have been forced out of our gyms by the order of the governor and as a result have has to find ways to maintain our health while we wait for another reopening. One of those things is by simply taking a walk around our Sun Valley neighborhoods. For the adventurous types, hiking on one of our nearby trails is also a good way to get the body moving and maintain some semblance of fitness.

However there is a danger in walking these days. If you’ve noticed, there has been a distinct haze in the air in our community. That’s not just morning cloudiness. There is definitely a higher particulate count in Sun Valley’s air.

Sun Valley CA Unhealthy Air
Jose Mier reminds the Sun Valley elderly, young and those with breathing problems to be careful

Personally I have experienced a slight amount of tightness in my chest after walking for less than an hour around Sun Valley. I have no underlying conditions that I know of but it was obvious for me that I was feeling some affect from the air.

The Weather Underground website provides data on air quality in many areas and a search for “air quality Sun Valley” produces a page with data specific to our city. As I write this our air quality is unhealthy. This is especially problematic for seniors and those with underlying pulmonary conditions and care should be taken if going outdoors at this time.

The data on the Weather Underground site is taken from the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service which provide air pollution data for all areas of the world.

Today our air quality index (AQI) is 113. The AQI is a scale measuring air quality in an area which runs from 0 to 500. 500 is the worst. Our AQI of 113 is in the “Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups” range which is from 100 to 150. This means those who are elderly or have some trouble breathing regardless of the air quality should take precautions and avoid going outside if possible.

The unhealthy air quality at this time may continue for some days so it’s wise to check on things before heading out the door. Apple’s iPhone makes this easy so iPhone users need only consult their phone to gauge air quality. If you’re older or very young Jose Mier reminds all Sun Valley residents to take extra precautions during our hazy August days.

Air Quality Dropping in Sun Valley
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Air Quality Dropping in Sun Valley
Jose Mier reports on deteriorating air quality in Sun Valley, CA
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