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Jose Mier’s Second Sun Valley Trivia Quiz

Test Your Sun Valley Knowledge

Okay, it’s time to take a break from all the bad news, good news, and just news in general. It’s time for another Sun Valley trivia quiz. So let’s get right into it and see how much you know about your community.

Prickly pear cactus sun valley, ca
This plant gave Sun Valley its original name – take the Jose Mier quiz

1) The original name for the area was Wixanga (in the language of native Americans here) which means Canyon of the Thorns. What plant gave the area its name?

  1. Seguaro cactus
  2. Prickly pear catctus
  3. Cholla cactus
  4. Thistle

2) A famous structure (California historical landmark #939) was located here until 1981 when it was moved to Pierce College in Woodland Hills. What was the name of this structure?

  1. Stone house
  2. Old Tapper’s Lodge
  3. Stonehurst
  4. Charlie Chaplin’s Home

3) The area of the San Fernando Valley which includes present-day Sun Valley was purchased by a state senator in 1874. What was the senator’s last name?

  1. Boxer
  2. Fernando
  3. Maclay
  4. Chatsworth

4) Vinedale Elementary School is one of seven elementary schools in Sun Valley, CA. It is located on what street?

  1. Vineland
  2. Sunland
  3. Glenoaks
  4. La Tuna Canyon

5) According to what is the median home value in Sun Valley?

  1. $575,447
  2. $446,273
  3. $398,413
  4. $601,788

6) The name Sun Valley was chosen by residents in 1950. Prior to that what was the name of our area?

  1. Roscoe
  2. Strathern
  3. La Tuna
  4. Verdugo

Think you know your Sun Valley trivia? Did you get all the answers correct? Scroll down a little to see the correct answers:

1) Prickly pear

2) Old Trapper’s Lodge

3) Maclay

4) La Tuna Canyon

5) $446,273

6) Roscoe

If you got them all right then you are truly a Sun Valley know-it-all. Congratulation! Come back again because I’ll be adding another quiz to test your knowledge about this community we live in.

Jose Mier’s Second Sun Valley Trivia Quiz
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Jose Mier’s Second Sun Valley Trivia Quiz
Jose Mier asks Sun Valley residents to test their knowldge about the area in which they live. Can you answer all 6 questions?
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