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Quick I-5 Sun Valley Update

Jose Mier Sees Freeway Progress

Sun Valley Jose has kept up-to-date on the freeway construction in our community and I just wanted to take a moment to give you a quick update on what’s going on. I had the opportunity to drive south on Interstate five this past weekend and noticed the crews were working on a Sunday to pave portions of the expanded roadway just south of Burbank Boulevard.

My5LA Site Jose Mier Sun Valley
My5LA Site Jose Mier Sun Valley

Crews were working on the pavement for the carpool lane from just before Burbank Boulevard up to the point just before Western Avenue. I was pleased to see this because I have long wondered if they’re going to be replacing the broken and pothole-strewn pavement that we have had to deal with in Sun Valley for decades. It looks like they are.

Jose Mier’s Sun Valley I-5 progress by CalTrans

Traffic was forced into two lanes as crews worked on the inner lanes of the freeway. Once this is done I suspect the crews will then repave the outer lanes of the freeway giving us smooth drives from Sun Valley toward downtown Los Angeles. Work on the freeway is scheduled to end this year so we shall have to wait and see if CalTrans holds to their own schedule. Nevertheless, it was good to see new pavement being laid down.

Quick I-5 Sun Valley Update
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Quick I-5 Sun Valley Update
Jose Mier updates Sun Valley's Interstate 5 progress over the past weekend including new pavement for the soon-to-be carpool lanes.
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